Michael Easton is an Irish-American actor, writer, and filmmaker.


Although the Emmy nominated actor is best known for his work on Ally McBeal, VR5, Total Recall 2070, and General Hospital, Easton is also the author of the critically acclaimed trilogy Soul Stealer which was named "Graphic Novel of The Year"  by Ain't It Cool News in 2011.


That same year he developed Credence, a story about a recovering addict trying to hold onto his job and family while spiraling deeper into depravity. Credence was released through Black Watch Comics. Michael also co-wrote The Green Woman for DC Comics with acclaimed mystery writer, Peter Straub.  Both books spent several weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List.


Easton’s screenplay Beautiful Loser, a biopic detailing the tragic life of actor Montgomery Clift, is currently in development.  For his second feature, he was hired by Norman Lear to write the screenplay Queen of Jazz, about the legendary songstress, Ella Fitzgerald. 


In 2001, Easton adopted a short film based upon an unfinished script by legendary Doors frontman Jim Morrison. The film, Daedalus Is Dead, appeared at more than a dozen major film festivals and was later purchased by The Sundance Channel.


Last year, Easton’s short film Ultraviolent, chronicling the last night of avant-garde filmmaker Donald Cammell, won the prestigious Best Shorts Showcase and was awarded the Grand Prize Award at both The Barcelona and Canadian International Film Festivals. 


His latest short film, First Strike Butcher Knife premiered at the 2017 Los Angles Film Festival.  


The third printing of “Eighteen Straight Whiskeys,” a collection of poetry written in Paris following the death of his mother in 1994, was released in December of 2018.


He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.