SOUL STEALER is a horror story and a love story.  A dark fantasy about a legendary Etruscan warrior, who is armed with the power to bring souls back from the dead.  Made up of parts not all his own, our hero, KALAN wanders the earth – through the past and into the present  -- on a quest to reunite with the love of his life, the exquisite OXANIA, who was lost to him because of a Faustian bargain he made to attain immortality.  Scarred but beautiful on the surface, a Frankenstein-like creature, battling the lethal desires beneath his own skin, Kalan must find Oxania to end the curse that separates them.   He hunts for love, she is hunting for him. For she knows him only as the man who killed her Father.  Kalan must stay alive long enough to tell her the truth. A near impossible task in a world in which he has a powerful rival for her affection  - the sadistic APIS BULL.  Theirs is not a merger of fates but a collision and to truly destroy the beast, Kalan knows he must become one.  When a mysterious fiend from Kalan’s past shows up offering to reunite him with Oxania in exchange for passage into the afterworld, it sets in motions a series of events in which Kalan must conquer the most dangerous and potent forces the world has ever known in a quest to find eternal love.  It is a shocking and breathtaking journey through darkness, madness and ultimately hope.  Soul Stealer explores a vivid, remarkably unique world drawn from the deepest recesses of human imagination.

                                                 Written by Michael Easton  
                                                     Art by Christopher Shy
                                                     Published By - KBook Publishing